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Where Is The Shoreline Music School?

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Shoreline Music School serves Shoreline, Lake Forest Park & North Seattle.

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Our entry is between Europa Car Repair & Peking House restaurant.

Singing Lessons
for Adults

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Singing Lessons
for Kids, Ages 8+

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Singing Lesson Student Ages

Adult Private Music Lessons: 18-99+

Children's Private Singing Lessons: Children ages 10 and up are accepted for private lessons. Exceptions are made for children as young as six years of age if they are currently enrolled in a local children's choir. Their vocal chords of children younger than 10 are growing and developing and due to the risk  injury, we don't recommend children younger than 10 years of age taking private lessons.  

5 years of age and under:  Please visit our exciting new Music Together page to learn about and to register for our upcoming classes.

Music is an essential part of a well-rounded education and crucial for brain development for young and old.

Studies consistently show that children who learn to play an instrument develop stronger math and language skills than those who don't.

Children who enjoy playing an instrument are also happier, more confident and more creative throughout their life.

Music education is a gift that your children will cherish forever.

Source: Psychological Science Journal, Vol. 14, No. 6, December 2005)/NAMM Foundation.

Singing Lessons: Meet Your Instructor

Rachel Hedman teaches singing and voice lessons for the Shoreline Music School.

Rachel Hedman teaches voice lessons for the Shoreline Music School.

Rachel Hedman

Singing Lessons, Voice Lessons

Rachel Hedman is going into her final year at the University of Washington studying music education.

She has been taking voice lessons since the age of 10 and has participated in many recitals, choirs, and musicals throughout her career.

"I know what it's like to be the shy timid student who is super insecure about her voice yet still loves to sing, says Rachel, so I hope to build up my students' confidence not only in singing and their voice but also in everything they do outside of lessons."

It's important to to Rachel that everyone feels comfortable and gets to choose what they want to learn while still making progress in their vocal technique. "Voice lessons should be fun, not scary!" says Rachel

Singing Lesson Prices

  • 1/2 Hour $40.00
  • 1 Hour $75.00
  • Family Discount 10% off 2nd family member.

Your First voice lessons Is Free If You're Not Happy With Your Instructor

We'll use this time to get a feel for the relationship and see if the instructor-student fit is right for you. If it isn't you can ask for another teacher and that first lesson is free also. Your first lesson with each teacher is free until you find one you like.

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